Most Popular Types of Bets Explained: Simple Bets and More Advanced Options

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Placing stakes in various sporting events can bring you generous monetary rewards and the general joy of the process itself. However, when you only start getting to know the opportunities a bookie offers you, it is vital that you learn some information about the types of stakes. The reason it is crucial is that betting can be more exciting and diverse if you know how to make a complex prediction.

Various bets have different opportunities, but is it not a secret that some bookies offer a cut-one option, which you can also find out in the article. So, does Bet9Ja pay if one game cut your ticket? You can find out if you understand which type of bet is suitable for this option. 

Nigerian Betting Market and Its Variety

Nigerian Betting Market and Its Variety

The Nigerian market is full of quality and licensed bookmakers that offer different services for convenient sports betting. Users can try international and local bookmakers as long as they are legit in Nigeria and enjoy placing stakes on multiple sporting events and winning real monetary prizes. It is definitely a bit hard to pick a brand that can provide you with various entertainment options, attractive bonuses, and high sports odds. Experts recommend trying famous brands among the first ones.

Moreover, betting opportunities are available to punters with different finance statuses and budgets. If you plan to make straight bets, then a 100 NGN is enough. However, if your aim is to explore this betting site and you plan to develop your skills by making accumulators, chain bets, and others, then you definitely need to spend a larger amount. Besides money,  such types of stakes require profound skills and deep knowledge of sports.

Betting Markets vs. Bet Type

Betting Markets vs. Bet Type

If you have heard these terms and know nothing about them, let’s start from the beginning and explain them in simpler words. Note, that these terms stand for different meanings you should understand if you plan to be a successful bettor. 

A betting market presents a range of possible outcomes that can happen in a match. The sports markets can be very extensive. As a rule, such popular sports as soccer provide one of the widest choices a player can have. So, here is the set of most common betting markets you can observe on the site:

  • 1×2
  • Double Chance
  • Handicap
  • Over/under
  • First goal to score
  • Odd/even, etc.

Bettors can choose any of the outcomes based on their preference and prognosis. Do not forget to keep in mind the odds located near the market. They can be low and high depending on the event and players. Next, let’s proceed to the bet types you can find on a betting platform.

By stake or bet, punters understand the number of selections and markets you add to your bet slip. It means that a player can choose several outcomes and add them to their ticket, therefore making a complicated bet. Basically, players can make single predictions on a particular game result or include several of them combined into one bet. Here are the types of stakes punters can make:

  • Singles
  • Multibets
  • System bets
  • Chain bets, etc.

If you know and understand what they mean, you can easily build any of them. To help you choose the types suitable for your preferences, you better observe each of these stakes in more detail.

What Types of Bets Can You Find

What Types of Bets Can You Find

Here, you will find out more about the stakes you can face on the betting platform. Also, not all bets are easy to build. Professionals know how much effort it takes to build a decent accumulator that can survive. That is why the process of stake placing absorbs all punter’s attention and skills. Follow our thorough explanation to learn what stakes are available to Nigerian users. Next, you will read about all possible bet variants Nigerian bookmakers offer their users.


A single bet is the most basic type that any newbie can make. It is also called a straight bet and includes only one market or an outcome on a particular sporting game. A user can place up to 50 singles in one bet slip, depending on the bookmaker’s requirements. All bettors place single bets but use them differently. However, everybody should know the basics to have an opportunity to develop their skills and strategy.

Pros and Cons

Single stakes have their benefits and disadvantages. Although it is a standard type, it still has several benefits and probably only one downside.

– easy to make
– is available on any bookmakers’ platforms.
– low odds

Parlay or Accumulator Bets

This type of bet has many names. However, as long as punters understand each other, it is okay to operate with these terms. Besides these two options, you can hear an accumulator referred to as a multibet. So, what is it? An accumulator bet includes several selections combined into one stake. Such stakes are mainly liked by professional bettors because they understand how to build them and can participate in various bonus offers.

The number of selections in one accumulator can vary, and they are also called legs. That is why mainly professional bettors prefer to build them. One interesting fact about accumulators is that they are usually qualified for multiple bonus offers provided by various bookmakers.

Pros and Cons

However, such bets also have sufficient benefits and probably one but very significant drawback. Observe more in the table:

– can deliver bigger odds
– promises huge wins
– can be used cashout and cut one feature
– difficult to build because if one selection fails, others are disqualified automatically

Combined Bets

Another type that looks like a multibet is called a combined bet. It also consists of several single bets combined into one stake. However, if any of your selections fails, others still qualify and can even bring you a reward in case at least two of them win. To build a combined bet, a punter must select at least two separate wagers on different events.

In turn, a combination bet has several subcategories describing the number of selections you include in them. Here is a list of them:

  • Doubles
  • Trebles
  • Four-fold.

That depends on the number of predictions you choose. Mainly, punters like to place combination bets to diminish their losses. Besides, this type of stake allows a huge variety of options for bettors because they can make a really impressive set of trebles and doubles united by one bet.

Pros and Cons

As ideal as it can sound, a combined bet has its perks and drawbacks. It’s time to get to know them and use them wisely during your betting sessions. Look up all the points in the table to be aware beforehand.

– can bring bigger monetary reward
– if one of the selections is wrong, others still qualify for a victory
– difficult to buildcan be hard for newbies

Chain and System Bets

These bets can be related to the next level of sports betting due to their complexity. Not every newbie can build such a stake. It requires sufficient experience in sports and knowledge of the situation. Such bets consist of accumulators or systems combined into one huge prediction. So, to understand a chain, you need to know what a system bet means.

System bet consists of at least three events. It can vary depending on the subtype of the system. For instance, you can choose a ⅖ system, which means that 2 events out of the available 5 should be victorious in order for the whole bet to win.

Now, back to the chain stake. It can include singles placed in separate games and competitions. Here, the calculation depends on the order of stakes in the bet slip. It means that the amount you won by the first selection is extracted from the amount of bet for the second selection. So, regardless of winnings and losses, all the selections in your chain can bring you rewards.

Pros and Cons

Normally, such bets are very sophisticated. But they sure have many pluses and only a couple of downsides.

– can bring bigger monetary reward
– if one of the selections is wrong, others still qualify for a victory
– difficult to build

Bet Builder

This powerful option presents a constructor that can help you automatically make the type of stake you wish. One main specifics of a bet builder option is that it is exclusively available for soccer matches. Building a stake using the Bet Builder option requires at least two outcomes.

Pros and Cons

You might ask what disadvantages it can carry. However, experts note that even if we compare them with accumulators, there are specifics that cannot be left unnoticed.

– promises bigger odds and wins
– allows to make easy bets with constructor help
– cashout does not work on such bets

Top Nigerian Bookmakers With More Than 3 Types of Bets

Top Nigerian Bookmakers With More Than 3 Types of Bets

Some eminent brands know the needs of their target audience, therefore striving to provide them with a more diverse betting experience. It can be reached via several different options, including a variety of bet types. Punters who only start placing sports bets and long-term players are different groups of users. So, what is interesting to a newbie can be boring for a professional.

Therefore, punters are eager to identify a betting site where they can find something more than placing singles and accumulators. So, when the choice goes over 2 or 3, it is a great website for sports wagering. An excellent example here is 1xBet, BetWinner, and some others.

Useful Options Available for Complex Bets

Useful Options Available for Complex Bets

Before summing up all the pros and cons, you would be interested in considering some options that bookmakers offer to make your betting more exhilarating and victorious. For example, some eminent bookies such as Bet9ja and 1xBet allow their users to activate cashout or a cut-one option. Next, you can observe a description of each of them.


This option can be very useful and is mostly allowed for accumulators. However, that depends on the bookmaker. What is a cashout? It is a wonderful solution that helps a player to save some money in case the bet he or she placed was not very accurate and has a huge chance of failing. You can activate the cashout and return some of the staked money back to your account. This option can be applied to various types of bets depending on the rules of a particular bookmaker.

Cut One Option

Besides, in the beginning of the article, we mentioned a cut-off feature. So, it is one of the options available for accumulators. If one of your legs fails, a bookmaker can still let the punter’s bet win. However, this option is quite rare and might be available exclusively on some websites. If you seek one of those, try checking the “Promotion” section.  So, does Bet9Ja pay if one game cut your ticket? The rules of the offer might differ from what is described above. The types of bets can be others, or the odds of a certain size can be established.



Knowing the types of bets you can place is a powerful tool that can make your wagering sessions more exciting and engaging. However, you need to understand which type you need to use in the current situation. Beginners usually stick to single bets, while experienced players prefer placing accumulators and system bets to make their betting more diverse and receive new experiences. When you are going to make a prediction, pay attention to the market’s odds. The more complex your prediction is, the higher the winnings.


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