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Imposter Syndrome, Sources and Solutions – 4 week course

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Imposter Syndrome, Sources and solutions, a 4 week course with Q&A support calls with Margaret Collins, academic researcher, coach and trainer 

“Have you ever wished you were as good as other people seem to think you are? If yes, then you might be affected by “Imposter Syndrome” feelings, the difficulty that many people have in accepting that their successes are due to their own efforts. It often leads to people feeling that they are a fraud, making things up as they go, trying to live up to unrealistic expectations by working harder and longer so that other people won’t find out… And it is exhausting! Having Imposter Syndrome feelings is associated with higher levels of stress and anxiety – and it doesn’t need to be like this.

This course is designed to help you recognise the areas of your life in which your imposter is showing up, and to find solutions so that, whilst you may never be entirely free of imposter thoughts and feelings, you can find ways to live with them and move forward.

Margaret Collins

For many years I was a successful academic researcher with an interest in infection and immunity. For the first half of my career I was also affected by the stress, anxiety and self-doubt that come from Imposter Syndrome feelings.
After training as a coach I learned how to manage my very active inner critic and overcome the constant drain of feeling like a fraud.
Since becoming a carer I left academia to create a coaching and training business to support other people who want to overcome Imposter Syndrome feelings and develop the confidence the need to lead more fulfilling lives.

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